Warren M. Eckstein is a native and a current resident of New Jersey. His love for photography came from watching his father's love for the medium as a child. At a very young age Warren became familiar with the different formats of photography. Throughout the years, Warren has worked extensively and become affiliated with some top professional models, and photographers, and through his experiences, has brought him to where he is today in the world of professional photography.

Well traveled, he has taken advantage of his opportunities to see many of the world’s wonders from Florida to California, From Great Britain to Egypt, eventually leading him to his favorite destination, the South Pacific, mainly Australia. Over the years, Warren has amassed an incredible portfolio of these varied destinations, highlighted mainly by the Land Down Under, Australia.

Through the years, Warren's work has evolved from scenic landscapes, and into the world of glamour photography. Today, Warren's extensive portfolio keenly focuses the eye on glamour, specializing in swimwear, lingerie, casual/fashion, portrait/headshots and into artistic glamour nudes. He has worked with a diverse group of professional and amateur models, always able to capture the essence of his subject with his keen eye. Warren not only brings a high level of professionalism to every shoot, but also the ability to bring out the very best in every subject he finds in front of his lens.

This website is a compilation of his many years of work, a testament to the art of beauty and glamour, and a showcase for Warren's passion for the medium.

Enjoy your journey through the pages of "".