Frequently Asked Questions

1) How did you become interested in photography, and what inspired your website?

I was always interested in photography, even since I was very young. My father, who's main career was an engineer, was an expert slide photographer, and loved photography. He started teaching me when I was quite young. As I matured, I followed in his footsteps. I started by specializing in landscape and scenic visuals, and then in early 2000 took the step into glamour photography when I shot with one of my first models. It was tricky at first, but always interesting and involving. Then I went further into glamour, with swimwear, lingerie, portraiture and glamour nudes. It's always been an exciting opportunity every time I work with a new model. And I have been blessed to work with several of my favorites a number of times, each time creating new and more diverse images. As for my website, it was actually suggested to me by several close friends, who had spent years critiquing my images and telling me over and over they deserved more exposure than sitting around in outdated photo albums, or collecting dust on DVD's. So, that's how it happened, and I hope those now viewing my portfolio agree..

2) What type of camera equipment do you currently shoot with?

When I started, interestingly enough, I was using point and shoot camera, then moved into the Canon 20D, the Nikon D300 and most recently the new Nikon D7100, which is a top notch camera. With all the options, you can really make the most out of every photo opportunity. For most of my formative years in photography, I worked exclusively on film, as did every one, but now have found digital to be a far more advanced medium, offering high resolution and ease of use, and more enhanced features more akin to today's professional photographers.

3) Do you use professional lighting when shooting models?

I have had it both ways. Usually when I am shooting a portfolio, depending on the subject matter naturally, I am shooting in a studio or private outdoor location. Mainly I use pro lighting almost exclusively, as it's a slightly better controlled experience than using natural light. And yet, natural light can add great dimension too. So there are pros and cons in both aspects of shooting. I do believe that natural light can be the more appealing, and offering the truest image quality, but in a lot of instances, professional lighting is a must.

4) Your galleries vary in images and styles, from landscape and scenery to model portfolios, which is your particular favorite and why?

I appreciate both mediums immensely. Scenic images are an amazing area to delve into. There are so many variables, and the quality of the images can be so stellar, that I absolutely adore scenic/landscape shoots. However, I probably would say today that I enjoy working with pro models even more. With these talented professionals, you not only have the art of the photo itself, but also the added benefit of dealing with the individual’s personality, which can bear greatly on the quality of any and all images. Sometimes you get what you see, sometimes you create them in an entirely different light. It's what is so exciting about glamour photography. I feel I have been very blessed, not only to work on some amazing scenic images, but to have worked with some of the finest pro models around.

5) Is photography your full time profession?

No, not currently. I still maintain a full time 40 hr per week job, but hope that with the additional exposure of this site and my images, that photography may become my full time career of choice. It has been a dream of mine that I have strived for, for quite some time, and I'm not about to quit until I succeed.

6) Do you have a favorite model of all of those that you have worked with?

Oh, tough question. One I hate to answer, and so I won't . Ok, I know that isn't a proper answer. The answer is that I have worked with a bunch of top professional models, and every one of them have taught me more than I could have ever got from reading a book. I would never select only one, as it would not be professional courtesy, bordering on offensive. I can say for sure, I have had the unfortunate situation, of working with a few models for whom professionalism seemed unknown to them, but mainly I have been blessed by the majority of models I have worked with, who have brought their own unique style and personality into every shoot. And from each and every model I have worked with, I say a "thank you" for all you've taught me and helped me grow as a photographer. That, in itself, is a gift no amount of money could buy.

7) What does the model receive after she/he has completed a photo shoot with you?

This totally depends on the agreement between the client and myself and will vary with each and every situation. My standard policy is that every client will receive a selection of images from our shoot. But again, depending of what we have agreed on prior, there may be times where they will receive the entire selection of images. It’s an individual agreement for all. And I never set a time frame on delivery on the DVD. This is due to situational delays, and also if extra work is needed on the images prior to presentation of the DVD. I take very strong pride in my work and the most important detail for me in any shoot is to get the best, and highest quality images, and sometime speeding up the process for the sake of actual timing can only hurt the final product. I know that's something I, and most models, don't want.

8) What are you standard rates for a portfolio shoot, and do you conceder TFP/TCFCD shoots?

My rates are industry standard, and always negotiable, within reason. My standard rate is $100 per hr for a shoot with a 2hr minimum. I also expect the client to supply gas, tolls and such if travel is required, and also pays for studio rental fees, if that is where we are shooting. However, if we agree mutually to split some of those costs, I am willing to do so. I also do a lot of TFP and TFCD for models looking to get started. As long as significant travel is not required, I do not charge for gas, tolls etc. However, studio rental fees still need to be agreed upon prior to the shoot. My basic answer to this is, if you like my work and want to work with me, shoot me an e-mail, and tell me what you have in mind and we'll discuss it. I’m not unreasonable to any reasonable offer. As long as the shoot can be mutually beneficial to the both of us, I see no reason not to work on a TFP/TFCD shoot. Hit me up and ask..let’s see what we can arrange.

9) Many photographers shoot a lot of glamour in the market today, what makes your shoots differ from others?

Hmmm. Tough question, but here’s my belief. Love of the art, love of beauty, love of the challenge. That’s it. This is a very exciting business to be in, and it’s different every time. There is a driving force behind creating great images. Some people work only for money, some work for the love of it. I work for both, and every model I have worked with will tell you, I really strive for the best images. I do not consider myself a “content” photographer, but think of myself as an ‘artistic” photographer. I want the best images, and work hard to make it happen. I research locations where I shoot, always trying to match personalities to the location itself, so the images showcase their individual qualities. Basically as I see it, if you are only working for money, your work will show it. When you see an image that really stands out, you know it’s a great collaboration between the subject and the photographer, and you can see almost immediately, if that “synergy” isn’t there. In my portfolios you will see top professionals models at their best, hard working, dedicated and striving for excellence. I feel I have helped to bring some of that out in them. Basically if you’re looking for some guy just clicking photos off rapidly without caring for what he’s shooting, I’m not that guy. But if you are looking for a photographer who takes pride in his work and is driven to be the best, you found me. I believe what you’ve seen in my portfolios here has demonstrated the fact. That’s why I look forward to the years ahead, and the challenges of working with great new models ready to advance their portfolios.

10) What is your favorite part of photography and what is your favorite scenic destination?

My favorite part of photography today, as it has always been, is the great opportunity to take a simple looking situation, and through skills and artistry create something that is pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the soul. Photography, when well done, offers both of these qualities in abundance, and this is the true pleasure I receive when doing a shoot. As for my favorite scenic destination, easily said Australia. I have been blessed to visit this beautiful destination 7 times in my life. Along with the incomparable scenery, also come the marvelous Aussie people. This is a country I hope to visit again sometime very soon.. As you can see from viewing the extensive galleries here, there is so much to see and admire. That said however, I also must say I simply adore Las Vegas, and its magical wonders, the West Coast of the USA, especially San Francisco and San Diego, and my favorite European destination, London.

I hope you'll enjoy the journey through "" and keep checking back frequently for future updates.